best Direct TV HD receiver

What is the best sounding HD receiver for Direct TV? Has anyone tried the one offered by Direct TV? I can buy one at Best Buy with a hard drive but wonder if there is a better way to go. Iwant to be able to hook up an antenna to view the networks but have the hard drive for the convinience.

Any advice is appreciated.


I've tried many HD receivers, and the Sony SAT-HD300 is by far the best. Sadly, it's no longer available, and used units command a premium price. The HD DVR "TIVO" from DirecTV is slow and clunky and the reliability is questionable. I agree that the DVR function is wonderful! I wish that Sony would manufacture an HD DVR unit. However, I doubt it will happen, because is seems that DirecTV wants to control the manufacture and distribution of all the hardware that their system uses.
Ditto Drrdiamond, Tivo is life changing!!!

The best DirecTV receiver I have ever bought (been through at least 10 in my satellite TV life time including 3 HD models) is the current Hughes HR10-250. ItÂ’s a HD DirecTV receiver with HD TIVO. Best price is from ebay. What is even better about this unit is that you can easily add a 2nd hard drive for virtually unlimited TIVO storage. Check out: .
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Do you have to use the Tivo service with the Hughes HR10-250 or can you go through Direct TV? If Tivo, how much do you pay?

have you purchased from weakknees? I have not heard of them... probably no big deal....

thanks THsalmon I will not buy the Direct TV model.
Too bad about Sony. I have a 9 year old Sony SAT-A1 that I bought new. It has an optical digital out, very rare for the time, but it doesnt do Dolby Digital. But it really has great sound quality, which is why I bought it. I really do want to upgrade to a Tivo unit, but have not been floored by the available options out there. Plus HD is in my future. Arrrgggghhhh.