best Direct TV HD receiver

What is the best sounding HD receiver for Direct TV? Has anyone tried the one offered by Direct TV? I can buy one at Best Buy with a hard drive but wonder if there is a better way to go. Iwant to be able to hook up an antenna to view the networks but have the hard drive for the convinience.

Any advice is appreciated.


Phil, If you have a high enough monthly plan with Directv, the Tivo service is free. However, you technically do not have to ever "use" tivo. But I guarantee that you will. At minimum, you will have it record your favorite few shows. But the other great thing is being able to pause and rewind live TV.

BTW, I also have the Sony HD-200 (1 model before the 300), which is an excellent unit and was almost $800 when new 4 years ago. It has faster menus and a much better channel layout guide than the HR10-250, but no TIVO or DVR service. If money is a concern and you really dont want TVIO, I am sure you could find one of these off ebay for cheap.

I did buy a 2nd hard drive from weekknees. They are a very reliable company and the kits they sell are 100% perfect. They also on their site talk about the DirecTV branded DVR service and discuss the pros and cons. Right now, DirecTV TIVO is the way to go but in the next 2 years, DirecTV will stop selling TIVO and only offer their inhouse DVR Service.
thanks Bill I do want the Tivo service but not THEIR price $6 is fine

I think I will be buying the HR 10 250
Hey guys I have the HD10-250 up and running.

1) the sound is quite a bit better than my old ($34) Phillips receiver, which is a given but pretty good anyway.
2) Tivo is cool, I am watching it right now...
3) The remote and interface is very clunky.

Does anyone know how to access more information when looking at program info? On other receivers you can go into another level of info such as directors, actors etc.

I now have to get my HD antenna purchased and hooked up.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase. Not so happy with Beachaudio who sold it to me as they have not given me the receipt yet and only want to send one by email. The up side is I bought it for $345 new shipped.

thanks to eveyone

Have you guys' discovered that you can't watch "Live T.V." anymore because of Tivo? I can't and won't. LONG LIVE TIVO!
I've used Sony HD-100 and 200 receivers with separate Sony TiVo units. The Sony TiVo units do not record HDTV. We found that given the choice of TiVo or HDTV, we opted for TiVo, and rarely used the HDTV feature of the receiver. Now we have the HR10-250. The picture quality and sound are superb -- just watch a Miami CSI production for dazzling HDTV and surround sound. The flexibility the HR10-250 to watch and record in either STV or HDTV is what we had hoped for. Our TiVo service with the HR10-250 is included by DirectTV; IIRC we paid $10 a month when we used the Sony TiVo units.

I do think setting up recording and manipulation of season passes were quicker with the Sonys than with HR10-250, but I keep something to read by my chair, so the time spent crunching doesn't bother me.

Bottom line: From what I've seen, the HR10-250 is the best DirectTV receiver, but understand we place great value on TiVo.