Best DIY Phono Pre?

I've got the Hagerman Bugle 2 right now and it's *outstanding*. I'm wondering whatelse is out there and what kind of success forum members have had going the DIY route. Hagerman has a tube DIY kit available now that was funded by a kickstarter campaign. Has anyone tried this? What about bottlehead? I'm sure I'm missing a few -- any guidance appreciated.
Check out the AN Kits page. Good Phono Pre there plus lots of other DIY projects -Jet
You should visit DIY Audio. If I recall correctly, they have a XONO kit or guide to building one.
Here seems to be a very good option if you can figure out how to make a power supply for it.

Best of Luck

I am very happy with my 2 Phono-Clone3s from RJM. He sells boards and kits. You'll need to build a power supply but that is pretty easy. It runs with the big boys. He also has a VSPS for MM and HOMC carts. I use the Phono-Clone3 with a HOMC I just adjusted the resistors to suit. Beautiful, delicate as well as having nice low-end punch and sweet midrange. Here is a link to the help desk on DIY audio.

And a link to Richard's website. He is in Japan but shipping takes no more than a weekish. He supplies great support directly as well.