Best DIY tweak?

What is the best inexpensive tweak, you've discovered?
This one's ez and costs zip.

Sit in your usual listening position. Interlock your fingers and put them behind your head at ear level, so you're sitting there like some big shot executive. Elbows should be pointed at the outside edge of your speakers.

You can A/B this (hands up, then down).

Hear the difference?
A good ear cleaning and some of British Columbia's finest exports would top my list.

Oh yeah, a nubile 20 year old hottie to snuggle up to would improve the experience, too. Just don't tell my wife...

Speaker placement is number one a good glass of scotch and oh yes a nubile 20 year old hottie always make music sound better !!! Marc
Replace steel speaker driver screws with solid brass screws; dramatic results!

Good gawd man, you better let all the high-end speaker manufacturers know about this one. No wait. Maybe keep it a secretÂ…Â…

Just what is your definition of "dramatic?"