Best double live vinyl?


Growing up in the 60's and 70's was the height of double live vinyl and the double feature at the movie theater. I'm listening to before the flood - Mr. Zimmerman and the Band. After listening to side one it flips to four, that's just not right.


Best double live albums:     

"Live at the Fillmore East" Allman Brothers 

"Irish Tour '74" Rory Gallagher 

Best single live albums:     

"Live Johnny Winter And" Johnny Winter And

"Live at Austin City Limits" David Byrne

@deadtrader thanks for your HARD work 

and keeping this to double live albums only 

For me - first it was Frampton Comes alive and CSNY 4- way street . it was 15 to 20  years later when I realized how poor a recording of  4-way street was.

Then it was one side of AB Live at Fillmore I was stuck on ....

But the clincher was: Little Feat “Waiting for Columbus” which has always held its own and until this day - as my fav. double live. at one point my college roommate played it so often that we had to buy another copy....

Somehow I ended up with a CD in my collection titled  Fox Theater, Atlanta GA , 11-23-1988 Source: master 1/4" reel SBD recording from LF archives transferred to DAT   sounds pretty darn good - but prefer my vinyl