Best driving music.

I'm not a car audio buff, nor am I a huge traveler, but in the northeast we've had beautiful weather the last couple days and I've been REALLY enjoying The Allman Brothers. Man, the fresh air blowing though the car and Blue Sky cranking on the radio, does it get any better than this? What do you like to listen to on a great Saturday, just cruising with the top down?
All Rockabilly and Bluegrass. 1950's Rock 'n' Roll. 1940's-50's Jump Blues. Dave Edmunds’ Get It album. AC/DC and The Ramones.

Nightcall - Kavinsky, Lovefoxxx
Under Your Spell
A Real Hero - Electric Youth, College

That's all tracks from "Drive" film, I think they are the best. I really like listening them and drawing some arts retro neon colors using this tool It's really satisfying!