Best driving music.

I'm not a car audio buff, nor am I a huge traveler, but in the northeast we've had beautiful weather the last couple days and I've been REALLY enjoying The Allman Brothers. Man, the fresh air blowing though the car and Blue Sky cranking on the radio, does it get any better than this? What do you like to listen to on a great Saturday, just cruising with the top down?
the wail of a 3.0 litre alfa v6 winding out, being run thru the gears... ;~)

doug *no radio on my 90 mile/day commute* sedon

Hey now,
(Especially fellow Allmans fans)
Don't leave home w/o some tasty Dead shows - the 'Disco on Coke' spring '77 tour has some great candidates. You just can't go wrong with all of those crazed 20+ minute Scarlet->Fires, amazing Estimateds and endless 'Dancin in the Streets' jams. Head back to fall '73 for calmer, spacier Playin' jams and Dark Stars. The boys account for most of my recent commute music, along with some dates from Miles' spring '60 European tour. And of course, I like tooling along listening to the ABB, but I'd MUCH rather crank up a nice Elizabeth Reed while relaxing in the living room than having to pay attention to traffic.
the soundtrack to playstations ridge racer,(in my honda)and stepenwolf,zz top and cream while in american cars,lol.
Pell Mell. Great instrumental rock. Appropriately named album, "Interstate". So sick of "Boston"