Best EL-34 Amps?

Looking for votes/recommendations on the best available EL-34 mono-blocks... I have tired many different amplifiers over the years including 300B's, SET's, EL-84's, 6550's, all manner of solid state (nasty!) and haven't found anything that bests' my VTL-125MB. However, they ain't as young as they used to be and I have always wondered if the magical pair of EL-34 mono-blocks are out there and have just slipped my attention. They must be very quiet, since I use extremely sensitive Klipschorns (104db)...any noise is ruthlessly revealed...
LOL, with your stuff, and your experience, I'd suggest that you not upset your cart. It is tough enuf to match amps and speakers - when your happy, enjoy the time you can spend listening to music, not amps. If you think its time to just spend more money, consider alternative sources. :-)
I would keep VTLs and consult Bob Backert about the posibilities for mods or restoration.

Jadis is very nice too, but to sweet for my system and taste.
If that is what you seek......, very highly recommended.

All around best IMO.*
Of caurse I am being bias towards my own modify Consonance Cyber 800 mono-blocks (Siemans NOS El34s and Amperex NOS Bugle-Boys 6922s). So far, I have not heard anything that would change my mind (with B.B mods that is) and yes, I have looked.
I agree, El 34's are one of my favorite tubes. I still use a Conrad Johnson MV 55 in my bedroom system. Previously owned Cary SLM 100 monoblocks, these ran KT 88's and 6550's as well, preferred the EL 34's in triode mode. I would think the Cary's would be more of a sideways move. Air Tight, VAC and Jadis could be possible replacements.

Still, I would stick with your VTL's and possibly look at some mods if you're wanting a bit more out of those amps.