Best EL34 reissue?

What's the best affordable EL34 reissue?

I see a few options: JJ Svetlana Mullard Elctro-Harmonix Tungsol Groove

Almost all are made in Russia.
if compatible with your amp, the reissue Genelex Gold Lion KT77 is stunning. Got a cryo'd matched quadset for 179 from an e____ seller. They replaced a set of Mullard EL34 xf2's and I haven't looked back.
Not to be boring .... but I'm also mighty happy with my matched quad of Genelex Gold Lion KT-77's. I bought mine from ---- very nice folks to deal with.
Does the 77's have as "warm" a sound as the 34's? Im thinking of replacing my 34s with them, but I'm using them with Magnepans and need that warmth. If not the 77's any other suggestions, EL, for a warm 34. Any other comments are appreciated
System matching being paramount as always, I feel the SED's are nice and warm. My speakers could use a little wake up call, so I'm thinking the opposite of what you are w/ Maggies.
El34- I believe Tube Store in CA rates the Mullard quite well.