Best electronics for Thiel CS3.6 ?

What, in your opinion , are the best preamp/amp combinations for driving the 3.6s for under $5000 the pair new or used. I'm upgrading. There's a lot of stuff out there I have not heard (recent Audio Research stuff for example). I'm hoping to create a short list based on your input! Thanks in advance. I'm currently looking at Audible Illusions 3A and Bryston 4B-SST. I listen to LPs regularly so line stages will nmot do w/o a phono reccomendation too.
My dealer who sells Thiel says that the classic combos with thiel are Conrad Johnson, Audio Research and McIntosh.
The thiel tweeter is hyper revealing and it doesn't take much to make it sound bright. The Bryston amps (st versions) are some of the most dead neutral amps I have ever heard I suspect it may tip the balance of your system towards too bright though. I am not familiar with the Audio research gear but from Cj you can pick up a 17ls and a CJ ss amp for your budget. Should sound great and look beautiful to boot!
Remember the Thiel CS3.6 will only sing with enough juice, if you don't give it enough power then you'll run into the problem of sounding bright or edgy. No matter what don't skimp on the amp it will make or break your system with the CS3.6

I am running Thiel 3.6's with a CJ MF2500A and a CJ Premier 16ls II pre-amp. I find the combination extremely revealing and detailed with a soundstage the is both wide and deep.

I have used a CJ 17ls in the past and found that to be a very good combination as well.

Get the Gamut monoblocks for sale here. You rarely see these and they are powerful and tube like.