best external drive for ripping CDs

I am doing a little test drive of an LG external drive and DBPowerAmp ripping CDs to storage.   Appears to be working fine.


But the drive was purdy cheap ($50).  It hums and has a buzz to the case while reading. Makes me wonder about the quality of the rip.  What brands/models of external drives do people use for ripping CDs to ensure the file quality is not affected?  Or does it not matter?


More clear thinking from "clearthinker".

To echo previous posters, making a personal use copy of a CD is perfectly legal for the obvious reason that the purchaser of the CD has already compensated "the artists that made the music".

On the actual topic, I've heard good reports of the Melco drive for ripping purposes.

Personally, life is too short so I'm keeping my CD player for as long as possible and just streaming the music I don't have on CD.

Melco D-100 is the best.  Curious to hear from Hifi Rose RSA780 owners.  Wondering if it is also as good, much cheaper at $450 vs $1200 for the Melco.

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Is that legal nonsense drafted by a Washington bureaucrat or committee?

How many inner contradictions can you find? I count at least two, and that is two too many. I am not American - perhaps this simpleton culture is OK in the land of the free where issues of intellectual property are not well defined.

The word right has no need to be placed in parenthesis unless it is defined elsewhere as being something other than what is generally accepted.