Best female vocals on CD

Want recommendations for Female recordings on CD. Thanks Joe
Check out this very talented Philadelphia recording artist: LAURA MANN! She has 2 Independent releases that can be obtained through her web site Both recordings are well done and offer something that is truely special in an artistic sense. These will certainly be more entertaining than that AWFUL DRONE OF Famous Blue Raincoat. Jennifer Warnes sings as though her goal is to drive the listener to suicide !
Roseann Cash " 10 Song Demo" Nancy Griffith " Other Voices, Other Rooms" Lucinda Williams- anything
Looks like I got into this thread a bit late... :-)} But I would *HAVE* recommend you find Mary Black - Looking Back. Mary is a very well known Irish singer, and in fact her entire family performs. (I didn't know of the other members of the family till a recent Disney World vacation when we were in line with a family from Ireland). We use a lot of female vocals to voice different speakers, and show off DAC's. Check out Mary Black and you will be pleasantly surprised. :-)
My votes go to, in no particular order: Mary Balck,Blondie ie Debbie Harry, Pretenders ie Chrissie Hyndes, Fleetwood Mac 2 there, Rebecca Pigeon, Jenifer Warnes, Annabelle from Bow Wow Wow, Dusty Springfield, Enya, Clannad ie Enya's Sister Maria, The Wilson sisters in Heart, Mae Moore, Abba, etc,etc,etc I give up, I have to many that I enjoy, and I have not even started on the Blues singers yet.
LOL if you want but I wanted to marry ( and still do. I am already married with two kids)the lead singer(I have trouble remembering her name!)of Dixie Chicks singing songs from WIDE OPEN SPACES. I kid you not. The sound just explodes! Although the second CD from them was not that impressive. And I do listen and enjoy very much to Margo Timmins of Cowboy Junkies. Pat Barber sounds great. Valentina Kusarova is very impressive.Janis Ian I like. Sara K I dig.Diana krall I enjoy. BUT I want to marry the Dixie Chick. Could any one explain that?