Best Find Ever???

I am curious to hear what the best find you ever had was. It doesn't have to be limited to audio equipment, though best audio find around here gets the 'bull-of-the-woods' I suppose. I read somewhere of a guy who got a Lexicon MC1 from his local pawn shop for $150 because the doofus behind the counter thought it was an equalizer or something. What's the retail on one of those, around $6K? I am either too new at this, too slow, or too much like Charlie Brown to score something like that.

I did have one, not audio. Back when I was young and dangerous and into motorcycles, I had a friend back his truck up to the house with about $10k worth of somebody's entire flattrack program in it. In addition to the bike, there were spare everythings (extra engines, extra wheels, parts, gears etc.--most of it new!) He swore it was legit; I paid him $750, but made him promise if the real owner ever came for it he was giving me back my money and told him I was turnin' him in. I nervously sat on it for about 6mos., (rode a bunch of wheelies) and then sold it for about $5.5k.

One caveat though, if you are going to lie, try and at least make it believable. Thanks. Chris.
I scored a Macintosh MC-275 power amplifier at a house sale. Did not know much about it but I liked the look. The guy also had an MX 110 and he wanted $900.00 for both. I just wanted the power amp and offerd $450 but he would not budge. My girlfriend (read enabler) said she would buy the preamp so I could get the 275. I told her I didn't think the preamp was worth it but she knew how much I wanted the 275 and I guess I should marry her fast.
Oh yeah, the year befor we went to a church sale where I saw a Mcintosh MX 113 and a MC-2505 for $25 dollars each. I thought they were cool looking even though the glass was cracked on the 2505. I left because I could not tell if they worked. I thought about it and went back 45 minutes later to see that they had sold. Getting back to me office I had a phone message from my girlfriend that she had bought something for me. You guessed it, she had called a local audio dealer and told him what she had seen. Thus my entry into the world of audiophle maddness.
$170K Todays local news a lady in a thrift store found $170,000! in a box of goodwill. Apperantly an elder died and the relativies donated some boxes of stuff to a thrift store. One box had 100's and 50's bundle in with the stuff and a will. The thrift store worker returned it to the rightful owners.
Reading over my post above, I realised that my best find is my enabler, Ellyn. A real keeper!
This weekend, I picked up a working Yamaha T-1 tuner in a thrift shop for $19.95. But I have a friend who found some "room dividers" in a NY-area thrift shop a few years ago. He bought them for $70, replaced the transformers in the base, and now has a mint-condition pair of KLH Model 9 electrostatics. That's my favorite story.