Best Footers for DAC?

In January, I plan to acquire my first standalone DAC and am wondering what to try for footers. I currently have original Stillpoints cones under the CDP which will act as transport and a Symposium shelf under my integrated. 
These work well.

In the past, I've tried and been disappointed by Stillpoints Ultra SS and Ultra Minis, brass footers, Cardas myrtle blocks and Vibropods. Are there any products that work particularly well under DACs ? ? ? ? 

I have yet to decide whether DAC will sit atop transport or on its own shelf, so I'd appreciate suggestions for both scenarios, please. 
Four fried eggs sunnyside up - just ensure not to break the yolks and that the DAC rests on the yolk. Organic grain fed is the smoothest but the type with Omega 3 can be more revealing. Experiment with cooking time until you fine tune the sound. Cheaper then playing with fuses. SR are conducting NASA style research on these latest techniques and rumor is that 4 boiled eggs (peeled) works even better due to the different damping properties of the white and the yolk. Of course it is the shape of the egg that is critical too and that is what is being patented.

This is very serious stuff - no yolk!
I like Stillpoints SS minis under my N10. I preferred them over Symposium Rollerballs. I do like a Symposium Svelte Shelf under every component.
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