Best full range loudspeaker for the used price of 10 to 13,000 dollars

I've been very happy with my Reference 3A Grand Veenas for quite a few years now,what did I like about them?
Well first off they are a critically acclaimed product not an unknown
Secondly I thought the parts matched the price I agreed with the value
Third they sounded like I'd read they would ,and just as they looked like they would .Full range, disappeared completely,easy to understand midrange and easy to drive.
I'm ready to take a step forward now,these will be set up in my main living space(no wife)so they must be valuable. I would like a beautiful sonic asset to live with,Dazzle me!
My vote would be on the DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 @$12k new. The great thing about these speakers is they come with their own stands & can be driven with even flea-powered SET’s. They are a Stereophile Class A (restricted) component. Imho these speakers may not even need subs as the reach down to 25Hz.

Used Monitor Audio.. I think you could get the platinums.

That is my vote. You are also in the range of B&W, Wilson's, Focal's and who knows what.

Oh, if you can swing a Sonus Faber Stradivari... :)


EgglestonWorks Andra II or III-  Full range, easy to place in the room,
very smooth response, very realistic sound.  very well constructed. Downside- 225lbs/each.

Beware...Devore O/96 need room to breathe but they do sound great in the open.  I prefer the Harbeth 40.2 over the Devores in a tighter space. For your price range, my personal recommendation is the Vandy Quatro, smooth and very musically.  Perfect tight bass, beautiful mid range and the imaging is just awesome. Really depends on the type of music you listen too but give it a listen.  Good luck! 
use 10% of the cost for a calibrated mic, room measuring software and room treatments