Best Gunshots

The hallway shootout in the matrix? No. Backing out the door in last man standing? Uh Uh. How about the mini-gun in Armageddon? Nope. Dug deep in the CD collection today and came out with Mercury Living Presence 1812 Overture, etc. Everyone knows the cannon fire in the 1812 but I had completely forgotten the WAR fought between the speakers in Beethoven's "Wellington's Victory". My neighbor's ears are bleeding.
not exactly guns, but how 'bout arrows? - The Gladiator - This one fits in the realistic, not BOOM BOOM loud category - arrows just dont make that much noise.
The last shooting scene in the movie L.A. Confidential is not overly complex but very accurate and realistic. There are many others worth mentioning but I'll keep my list short. Heat as stated earlier just must be seen to be believed. The assisination of Warren Beatty in the movie Bugsy (Beatty playing bugsy) is so dynamic, simple and such a dry sounding shoot it is truely tragic. And how can we forget the main kill'em all scene in The Usual Suspects, very complex but staged very well.
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