Best headphones you've ever heard/used

Well, the subject says it all I guess. I'm looking for two sets of good quality headphones.

The first one is an earphone for use with my iPod. I'm looking for a small pair of compact in-ear earphones. I take long boring flights to Asia often so it'd be nice if they were high quality and helped out with noise canceling. I've heard good things from Shure. Any other recommendations?

The second one will be for night time listening in my bed. These headphones can be big but hopefully not too heavy. I also need them to be wireless for at least 15ft.

Thanks in advance,
I too travel a lot and despite the better sound quality, I do not carry headphone amps ala headroom as I always want to keep things light. I've gone a lot of headphones and earphones and the two best are etymoic research and shure...etyiomic has better treble extension and more air, while shure,,,,the 5C model in particular, a bit warmer but better bass. If u headbang, shure is the way to go.

I hope you are careful of the high volumes. Hearing damage is easier to do with headphones than with speakers.

I'm not trying to be your parent, just a caring audiophile.
I'm sorry, what'd you say? No, seriously -- I appreciate the concern, but I don't listen at really high volumes only pretty high volumes and then only for a little while. I may not be the sharpest potato chip in the bag, but I do know enough to avoid blowing my own ear drums to smithereens.
You know, I have never connected the two before, but now that you mention it, I bet a jacket would help keep me warm and toasty in frigid situations. Thanks!