Best Hi-Res Audiophile Downloads Top 3

1. Carmen Gomes Inc., Thousand Shades of Blue( Sound Liaison)
[url]Sound Liaison[/url]
2. Doug MacLeod, There's a Time (HD Tracks)
3. Keith Jarret, Live at the Blue Note(ECM/HD Tracks)

I actually think that maybe the new Sound Liaison album from Andre Heuvelman, After Silence also could be no.1 or 2,but one album per label is maybe enough.

What is your top 3 ?
it is well recorded. Maybe less ''pure'' compared to the Sound Liaison but it is a classic and probably the best live recording of a rock band.

The new Carmen Gomes download Ray! is really very very good, music as well as sound.  Following the Arch Manifest, (wherever that came from, but nonetheless quite an interesting concept); 

Each recording starts and ends with the main artist alone in the hall the only interplay being the acoustics of the hall and his own mind. No audience is present except the ghosts from the past. When the band enters the music must create an Arch, going from the single instrument performance  to the more complex band performance and back to the last solo performance. The same principle goes for the engineering; each recording starts out with only one microphone (stereo). As the music gains in complexity more microphones may be deployed, the only limit being the imagination and technical skills of the recording engineer.

Native DSD's Album of the week is a good place to start

This is a superb recording all around and is one that I can recommend for all jazz fans. Superb musicianship and just fantastic sound.