Best high-end headphones with noice cancellation ...

Looking at getting new high-end headphones for both home and travelling (with noice cancellation) ... Could be both in-ear or over-ear ... 
Have been looking around, but would like other opinions as well  ... What are your suggestions?

Have looked at B&W, Jabra, etc. 

With respect to traveling, I have had several pairs of in ear IEMs and also active noise cancelling headphones including Sennheiser and Bose for long haul flights, working, listening to music and / or watching movies.
I loved a pair of JH Audio IEMs which were custom made and wonderfully comfortable.  I get, however, a certain claustrophobia with even the best and most comfortable IEMs that I do not get with active noise cancelling headphones.
Both types would be good.
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Business flyers buy Bose because that is what they do.Music lovers usually buy Sony .
The ever popular Bose QC35 II (8/10 WIRED Recommends) remains a fantastic noise-canceling option, but Bose’s newest flagship headphones, the Noise Cancelling 700, take our top spot for business users. They have excellent noise reduction that quiets clacky keyboards or chatty roommates better than ever, plus slightly better sound quality and battery life than the QC35 II MCDVOICE
Yup.  Bose is much better at cancelling sound than reproducing it — that’s for sure.