Best high end monitors?

I'm considering monitors for a 2 channel setup (to be paired with a couple subs - probably JL Audio Fathom 113's).

Looking for suggestions on brands/models to consider. I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly rock and jazz. I'm looking for large soundstage, detailed with with meat on the bones.

I don't have a set budget, but wouldn't go as high as Magico Minis or anything crazy.

Thanks in advance.
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Ok, they are going to be in the same league as the Magico Mini or the Ridge Street Sason, but you can pick up a pair here on audiogon in the $2,500 range. I've lived with mine for 3 years and they are great speakers. Link to review:
There is a pair of Ridge Street Audio Design Sason speakers for sale on audiogon. This is the first & only pair I have ever seen for sale.

If you live close to the seller (whose zip code is 49055), I suggest that you give them a serious & critical listening. They sound phenomenal & even look great!
The only drawback with the RSAD is there weight hence shipping is a problem which is why the seller is looking for a local sale
Otherwise they're GREAT Tony the Tiger say's
You're right, speakers and stands can be very heavy, especially the Sason's. Weight would be an issue for all the better high end monitors.

I imagine if he lived close enough to hear the Sason's, once he heard them he would probably buy them, package them snuggly & drive them to their new home.