best high sensitivity full range speak under 15k

I am looking at opinions on full range( ie down to 25hz), easy to drive speakers that can be driven by 60 watts or less, even SE. Do they exist?
or do you have to go to the big speakers that need SS and lots of watts to drive if you want full range. Something like my Vienna Mahlers would be an example fo this breed.
Von Schweikert DB99. Designed for low power driving such as by tube amplifier. Superb.
Devore Silverback References. Full range (21Hz to 40kHz), stable 8 ohm impedance, 91db efficiency, $14k. They replaced a pair of Vandersteen Model 5s in my reference system. They sound wonderful with tubes or solid state. I've stepped off the updgrade merry-go-round.
Check out the new Bastanis Apollo, i heard them at RMAF, they sounded incredible.
I purchased a demo pair of the Fried's recently. I am in the middle of running them through the hoops. Unfortunately, I have had limited time to listen due to travel. What I have heard is very natural and uncolored. I had to rearrange one end of my room to get the most out of them. They required little more distance between the listener and speakers than my previous pair. I had been using Newform Research module 30 with a Baby boomer sub.

thanks guys, quite a few to look at. now I need to find out if any are available in Australia.