Best In wall/ In ceiling speakers?

I am in the market for a 5.1 system and additional speakers throughout my home. I looked at the Vandersteen VSM Signatures and loved them. I alos listened to the B&W in wall but wasn't as impressed. I hear great things about Dali and Niles. Can anyone help that is an expert in this area? I am very limited with audio knowledge.

The problem with in-walls and even worse, In-ceilings is that sound tends to be too localized.

For theater, this isn't really a problem as long as you aren't too close to the front.

However, with speakers throughout your home, it sounds awful if you are sitting/standing right under 1/2 of a stereo pair. What would I do? Get either single speakers with dual tweeter (they allow for stereo from a single speaker) or go with mono in any rooms that you will have this problem.

Finally, cheap in-walls sound that way! $75 Radio shacks will sound disgusting compared to $300 Niles.
Have a look at Mirage Omnisats or Omnicans. Their omnipolar design gives them an even distribution of sound over 360 degrees.