Best In-Wall Rated Cable for Subwoofer Run?

There is no getting around it, I need an In wall run to my sub. I’m confused whether this would be speaker cable (analog) or coax (digital); but I’m thinking it’s an analog signal coming from the processor to the amp built into the subwoofer.
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HI Craig,

Analysis Plus makes a good in-wall rated subwoofer cable that is very reasonably priced for RCA/RCA cable.  Good Luck
Thanks! Do you recommend not terminating at a wall plate at all?

I just saw my current cable is RG59 and is rated for in wall but is only 22awg.

Is that thick enough?

For subwoofer frequencies, I have found that a larger awg solid-core conductor works much better.  The larger awg solid-core will transfer the bass energy much better and stronger than other conductors (smaller awg or stranded).

For plenum rated cable, the Beldon 1695A cable is very affordable and uses a very large 18awg solid-core conductor.  Your Silver RXW-12 only has RCA inputs, so you don't need to worry about a balanced cable.  Blue Jean Cables will sell this cable terminated with an gold-plated RCA plug, or you can terminate on your own with anything.

I generally think it's better not to terminate at a wall plate because you have one more connection and plug in the mix.  Wall plate RCA jacks are more for convenience than anything else.

A 25 foot terminated with RCA would be $78 from Blue Jean Cable.