best integrated amp.

I'm thinking about buying a new integrated in the 5k to 7k range. My main speakers are Maggie 1.7s.Any suggestions?
For low power, and if sound quality is what you are really after,  audition the schiit ragnarok integrated amplifier,  this is a exceptional performer that simply makes you second guess spending 5 times more money.

+1 for the Modwright KWI-200. With the optional DAC and Phono, it pushes the price up a bit but on the used market it is not so bad. I do own one so, naturally I am biased.
That said, I am completely satisfied. The 200/400 watts of SS power is not to be discounted as it more than adequately juices my Revel’s with ease and it will do the same for the Maggie's.  The power allows for lots of versatility in speaker choice!

Sidenote: If you want to keep the Maggie's forever, google the Peter Gunn website. You will be in audio heaven with the KWI/1.7 combo.

The versatility of all the input options (including balanced inputs) checks all the boxes INCLUDING a full-function remote.

Oh yeah, it sounds AWESOME! Dan Wright will tell you he went SS to meet the price-point but the sound is "in the family" - that is smooth, open and non-fatiguing with plenty of bass control without SS glare.


Krell Vanguard is world class and delivers dynamic, extended sound with accurate tone and zero artifacts.  The Hegel is detailed but lean and flat sounding.
FYI, the Modwright is single ended, not a balanced design or push pull.  Efficiency and grip are therefore reduced and the benefits of a balanced design are lost as well!