Best Integrated Amp (for me)

I recently upgraded to a Pro-Ject Classic turntable. I currently own KEF LS50 bookshelf speakers and a Nikko NR-719 tuner (from the 1980s).

I'm interested in upgrading to a better-quality (and nicer-looking) integrated amplifier to pair with my turntable and speakers. I love things that are really simple and classic-looking (but of course I also want it to sound great). I'm looking to spend somewhere between $500-$1000.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Arcam SA10 has the digital and phono hookup you need.About $800 new. It's predecessor, the FMJ-A19 was often used as a source for the LS 50's by What HIFI. Those can be had on the used market for $400 to $600. Great phono section, but no digital.

I had a Marantz PM8005 that I really enjoyed for several years before upgrading to tube. The current model is the PM8006 at $1100.  I would check to see if you can find a used PM8005 or PM8006 somewhere.  I sold my PM8005 for $650.

my suggestion of the hegel is solely for the quality of its amp section ... consider the dac and streaming features freebies

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op said -- "I’m looking to spend somewhere between $500-$1000."

johnny, if you have a used belles aria available for under a grand i would like to buy it :)