Best integrated amp ? Great match for AZ Adagio?

Tube or SS. Any experience matching it with Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers? Thank you!
I am using a BAT VK300xSE (tubed pre section with SS power) with my Adagios and for me they have great synergy. I previously owned a W4S STI500 SS amp and an NAD M3 SS amp with them and those didn't make me happy. The W4S had unbelievable clarity but overall it wasn't believable. The NAD had great body and power but was missing some air and space up top. When the BAT went in I knew right away that it would be in the system for a long time evidenced by the fact that I moved on to adding a DAC to my CD player and a heaphone/amp setup and forgot about the amp. If I was to try something else with all tubes (I'm not, dammit!) I'd be curious to hear a Rogue Cronus Magnum with them.
I think I've read that AZ likes to show their Creshendos with the Tri 845 SET integrated. I imagine that would work with the Adagios too.
Have also heard the Tri is a nice match. I compared the Tri Trv-35 withe the LM 211 IA. I chose the LM, but could have easily lived with either. The Tri had a touch more of that classic tube sound. I found the LM to be a tad more neutral.
I would say try both lines if you can. Both amps I am speaking of are EL34 based, and in the 30 watt range.