Best Integrated Amp? Help...

I am looking at spending under $2000, new or used.
I want a simple no frills integrated amp.
I am using B&W Nautilus 804s which can be demanding.
Tried a Jeff Rowland, and it would not work with them.
They have done well with Classe and BAT.
Looking in the 100W to 150W range.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thinking Plinius 9100, Musical Fidelity A300 or A3.5.
Totally agree with Tigerwoodhorns that the Musical Fidelity A308cr preamp works well with the N804 tweeter.
The A308cr has greater bass extention and a softer presentation than the A3.2cr pre.

Also, I see many people like to use solid core copper speaker wire with B&W's. I've found AudioQuest CV-6 works well. Found AudioQuest Gibraltar lets too much detail to come through.

As for an Amp, I'm just about at my witts end.
However, I am now of the opinion that a class A power amp
with MOSFET's is the way to go.

BAT VK 200 ???
I'm very curious to hear what your experience has been with the 9100 & B&W combo! I'm about to build a temporary system with the same two pieces and am contemplating if it is enough power to control the bass and bring finesse of the B&W, so I figure you may have some valuable input! Please let me know what you hear!