best Integrated amp under 4000$

Looking for the best integrated amp to power my Totem winds. This will be dedicated strictly for a 2 chanel system. Presently looking at Pathos Logos would like more suggestions before i decide on this.
| really dont think the Ars-Sonum is strong enough to drive my difficult winds though not nearly enough power.
LFD Mistral. It is to my ears as close to tubes as you can get without the problems/challenges of tubes.

Beautiful sound.
For a good match from both a power and tone perspective, I'd look into either the LFD Zero LE III, or the Blue Circle Audio DAR (or the FtTH if you can find one used). Both pieces will work sublimely with the Winds.

Now, if you want a more "tell it like it is" presentation, with only a touch of warmth, scour audiogon for a used McIntosh MA6600.

If you are the patient sort and are lucky enough to have an AMR dealer close by, I'd suggest waiting up for AMR's new integrated, the 777, to start hitting the shelves. Their current products make for a splendid match with The Winds. The only problem is that they cost nearly as much as a new car. The latest stuff is quite a bit more attainable.

Good luck in the hunt!
VAC Avatar or Mac 2275. If the Totems are tough on tubes, I would look into the Pass Integrated.