Best Integrated Amp You Ever Heard?

I am tired of the Pre-amp+Power-amp game. So, I am in the quest of finding a really really good integrated amp, preferably used, so I can save some money off the original price.
Right now, I have a pair of Triangle Celius (92db), but I would like the amp to be able to drive other not-so-sensitive speakers.

What is the best integrated amp you've ever listened to?


Own it: 1964 HH Scott 222D with 7189A output tubes (not EL84's) so I get true 22wpc.

I am service eng for several super high end brands, and have yet to have this amp beaten by much at all with any level of separates. Something to be said for one less power supply and interconnect pair.

Still rolling bypass caps; finding the Solen Fast Caps too bright, trying WIMA MKP-4's next.
Jared, I would have to agree with you as I sold my KW-500, off a few years ago and regretted it ever since. For inexpensive Int. Amps, I would have to say the new NAD line "BEE" series all sound very good, they just put it in a cheap box. I have owned Mac and a few others over the years and MF seems to match up best with my speakers. I would say the A5 and A5.5 series are also very good from MF, just not as good as the KW-500. If anyone decides to sell there KW-500 let me know!!! :)
krell's newest integrated. the S-300i is a real gem imo. picked mine up about 3 months ago and couldn't be happier. listened/demo'd countless integrated amp's until i heard this krell. knew it was "the one" as soon as it was turned on. at it's $2500 msrp, i can't think of a better integrated value on the planet. with the right speakers and cable....this thing is truly outstanding. read the reviews and give it a listen. you just might agree.
Chapter Audio Precis 250S. I just took on the Chapter Audio line and am currently have this integrated in the system I use. Of course you can take this with a grain of salt since I disclosed that I'm a Chapter Audio dealer, but this piece is incredible. Mind you, it certainly is not cheap, but IMHO you could spend considerably more on many different types of separates and not get the kind of sound quality and musicality this piece provides. At 225W into 8 ohms and 450W into 4 ohms, it also has the power to drive the vast majority of speakers out there as well.