Best Integrated for Martin Logan ESL 13A

I am looking for some suggestions for an integrated (or possibly) separates to pair with my ML ESL 13A and Lumin S1 streamer/DAC. I'll be taking delivery of the speakers in 2 weeks. The Lumin is my only source (Tidal/Qobuz). I'd prefer an integrated amp, but am open to solid state separates. Budget: around $10k. Listen mainly to acoustic singer/songwriter rock/alt rock. 

I've heard that the ML 13A's can be a little bright when paired with the Lumin S1. Not looking for bright. Interested in Luxman pieces- they seem well-built/well-liked, but the 509X looks like it may contribute to the bright sound of the current components... stability into 2 ohm seems pretty important for these electrostats...
I was going to suggest a Luxman. They are not bright, at all. Extended at both ends but liquid and sweet.

Honestly, if you DO happen to find the 509 bright, switch down to the 507 (listening to mine as I type). It has higher output impedance, and therefore will have softened high frequencies by comparison, but about equivalent power.

Strongly recommend you listen to both with your speakers, and please tag me and let me know what you find. Also, and I don’t say this for every piece of gear, try the tone controls on the Luxman, they are outstanding. :) I listened to the 509 with Wilsons and had to turn the treble down significantly due to dealer set up. Took a 507 home and can’t be happier. I use the loudness at night, wonderful.

In case this isn't clear, it's the low impedance at the top octaves of an ESL which is driving my recommendations. If you had speakers like I have at home, or "normal" speakers.... the impedance difference wouldn't be helpful and I'd strongly recommend the 509 if you can afford it. :)

My other favorite integrated (that i might someday afford) is Ayre.


I have heard various Martin Logan models driven by various McIntosh amplifiers and integrateds, all solid state, and I thought they sounded very good. In particular, the McIntosh solid state models with the autoformers were a great match. 
I have the 11As and would recommend against McIntosh.  I had them paired with the MC452 and it was just too warm for the speakers.  Some instruments, especially strings and piano, just didn’t sound realistic to me.  I spent a lot of time and money trying to work around the amp with various components and cables but finally gave in, trading the amp for a Luxman 509X.
ML speakers have a slight roll off in the highs so sticking with a Luxman is a good idea.  I now have the 509X paired with the Lumin T2 and it works well, not bright.  Though if you are looking for a lush sound Luxman may not be the best choice.  Luxman tends to be neutral, transparent, and crisp, though very smooth, never fatiguing.

At your budget 509X is a great integrated.  In my opinion to move a step higher you would need to go at least double your budget.  I demoed quite a bit of different integrates and separates in the same budget with the 11As, including the Gryphon Diablo 300 which is significantly more expensive.  For me, Luxman had the best bang for the buck and sound combination.
Best Integrated for Martin Logan ESL 13A

 Made for each other, Gryphon Diablo 120 or if you can up the $$ the 300
Big, sweet high Class-A bias sound, that can drive down to 1ohm no sweat, and that’s what’s needed with all ML ESL’s

Cheers George