Best Integrated, period.

Has anyone compared, Gryphon Diablo, Gamut Di150, Vitus SS101, Krell FBI, APL UA-S1 Jeff Rowland Continuum 500? Please add what you found to be best integrated.
Hi Mike,
We'll all be looking forward to the inside scoop on the VAC.
Kevin and I met back in 2002 I believe...I arrived at the Vegas show late, went directly to his demo room--he said, "I'm worn out, got to get dinner."
Three hours later, after listening to his best and music selections, I bought him dinner at the Alexis Park Bar. What a great guy--what a music lover. He too is enthralled by great music and great recordings.

To: Hifisoundguy

Good news - we are adding Neodio for US distribution so stay tuned for formal announcement. Very excited about these very special designs!

Jim Ricketts/tmh audio
I received my new VAC Phi Beta 110i yesterday. Apart from the PITA of lugging the bulky 100 lb main unit upstairs to my listening room, installation was a snap.

A few initial comments:

1) From a functional standpoint, and for my particular circumstances, this is absolutely perfect

2) Aesthetics - also perfect. Even my distinctly non-audiophile wife says it's 'pretty'.

3) And the most important bit, the sound - I can only say that I am very, very tired this morning, as I was up until after 2am listening. I'm not one to make snap judgments, but I can tell you that after it was well warmed up, my impression is that this is the finest amplification I've ever heard. I've owned various combinations of gear over the past 30 years (including Atma-Sphere, Aesthetix, CAT, Supratek, Ayre MX-R, Messenger, even a CTC Blowtorch), but nothing has blown me away at first listen the way this did. I'll reserve further comments until I get the full measure of the amp.
Its hard to decide which is the best. There are great brands out there, the NAD C320bee is a giant killer.