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No Blue Jeans Please. 
Cables are system and sound preference dependent. The builder of Clear Day cables is a great guy, really great guy. Owned several of his cables over the years. Just too thin sounding and a tad bright for me. This is based on my gear and my preference for full bodied sound with weight and bloom. However, I have found all pure silver cables to sound this way over the years in my various rigs. The Duelund cable will sound better with nice Cardas RCAs, 16 gauge wire and careful building technique. Since there is no Duelund brand cable we can all use as a standard or base it is impossible to assume the comments on one Duelund build pertain to all.

Inexpensive ICs that seem to be well made: Esoteric U.S.A. found on E-bay. Some length hard to fine. I have used 1 Meter pairs (~$12)  in modest systems.
This has been a great thread and I have learned alot. Craig thanks for the great question. Not recommending a particular IC I may suggest that after your ICs settle in and you are comfortable with them you may consider purchasing another set recommended in this thread. Although I use clear day as my primary IC I swap in another of my other three sets for a change, s imilar to when I swap out tubes for a change. Its fun and, for me, for a different sound once in a while. But most important I hope you enjoy your new purchase, youve done your homework well. Dave
Thanks Dave! I’m working on two systems. I think I need some XLR ICs now. Looks like I’m back to square one for them. Lol 
Are you looking for rca or XLR? if looking for rca, look at the aduioquest golden gate at 70 a pair for 1M retail, most stores will offer a discount. Only problem with them are they are only done as a pair not single. Or even the big sur at 109 a pair retail. They use A better copper same copper as the higher end 400 dollar each cables. I had golden gate on my system and upgraded to water, and only noticed a slight difference in sound quality. Every system has a preference for a certain cable. I tried Kimber, cardas and even transparent and I liked the sound of AQ min my system better. Hope that helps.