Best Interconnects and Speaker cables

Any suggestions for "sanely-priced" innerconnects and speaker cables for system which features; Simaudio Moon Nova cd player/Simaudio Moon P-5 preamplifier/Simaudio Moon W-5 amplifier and B&W Nautilus 803 loudspeakers?

I use the Pro Silway cables also and like them .
I also use Kimber Selects and Bifocal xl speaker cable and I heard an improvement.
Using acoustic zen cables with sim gear,very content.Very reasonably priced cables/performance value.(Using good ole silver ref 2 and hollow gram 2)
I have also been using the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II IC 1.5m and Hologram II Speaker Cables 12' for a few years. Got them pre-owned here for under $1,500.00 and haven't found myself looking to replace them. I needed a longer run for the speakers here. 12' is relatively unusual,I've yet to see another pair offered at this length.
There are several problems inherent in trying to recommend IC's and speaker cables. There is no way to know in advance how the cables will work with your system, in your room. It's best to try to audition several models, perhaps with "loaners" from a local audio dealer, or by borrowing used cables from the "lending library" at (

This said, the "Recommended Components" lists in TAS, HiFi+, and Stereophile can provide a good starting point for your selection process. The following choices are among the perennial "moderate cost" favorites:

Interconnects: Kimber Hero; Nordost Blue Heaven; Alpha-Core Sapphire; Silver Serpent.

Speaker cable: Kimber 4TC and 8TC; Alpha-Core Goertz MI2; Analysis Plus Bi-Oval.

About 5 years ago, "Audioholics" published an interesting and revealing comparison of a number of top speaker cables. Although it's a bit outdated, the data is still valid. Here is the link:

Good shopping, and good listening.
Sdcampbell, nice post. While I have not tried them, the Kimber cables get consistently mentioned when recommendations for great cables that won't break the bank are mentioned.

The Aplpha Core MI-2's are among my favorite speaker cables. I still have my original pair. I like their interconnects too, especially the TQ series.

Otherwise hard to make a recommendation, too many cables too little time. Price range as mentioned previously would help. Other wise buy and try. Lots of manufacturers offering trial periods and discounts these days.