Best jazz either purchased or released in 2001

As the year ends, I was reviewing the jazz CDs and LPs I've acquired this year and deciding on my favorites. I realized that I could widely expand this list by asking other Audiogoners to contribute their listings too! What is (are) the best recordings you've bought this year? They can be old recordings you just discovered this year or recordings released in '01. For myself, for starters, Bill Frisell's Blues Dream; Shelley Manne at the Manne Hole vols. 1-5; and Paul Desmond, Best of, bought used at a used CD shop. Thanks for any and all contributions, and Happy New Year!
Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson (Verve Master Edition), great playing and amazing sound! I also second Bill Frisell Blues Dream or anything by Frisell, for that matter.
Wes Montgomery Impressions: The Verve Jazz Sides double disc, with the entire Smokin' at the Half Note included.
Great stuff!