Best Joni Mitchel Album

Wanted to collect a few as I seem to be into female voices lately. Was wondering what you guys thought some of her best works were? Thanks in advance.

For me, it's "Miles of Aisles" and "Hejira" I just love listening to Jaco on that album. No flies on a really good pressing of "Blue" either.
As a long time Joni Mitchell fan ( I first saw her in 1967) it's always hard to pick the "Best" album but I find myself playing "Hejira" more than the rest. It came out in 1976 and was recorded quite well, as a matter of fact I use two tracks, Song For Sharon and Amelia to evaluate equipment changes in my system. There is wonderful delicate guitar playing on both tracks as well as Joni's beautiful clear voice that changes into smokey blues on other tracks. The remastered HDCD is quite good but the lp is King or in this case, Queen. Joni Mitchell is an artist, songwriter, musician, poet and arguably one of the best.
Hissing of Summer Lawns
Court & Spark

... all on vinyl, of course.

I have a thing about playing Hejira, I play it during the first snowfall of the year. Somehow seems appropriate. I have the Nautilus "Court and Spark" also my favorite. Hejira and Court and Spart are my two favorites. I have a Japanese pressing of Hejira, too bad MFSL didn't do a vinyl pressing of it.