BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?

DUKE PEARSON THE RIGHT TOUCH 1969. I have it in my top 5 all time!


Very difficult to select only one but George Muribus-Trio '77 certainly qualifies.


"Little known" is pretty subjective...   you mean, to the general public? To most Jazz fans? To most audiophiles? How are you defining this? 


If the Counce release qualifies, then  is "Hear Ye Hear Ye" by Red Mitchell Harold Land Quintet any "better known"? 


If the Peterson, Pederson, Pass trio counts, then what about  "The Unforgettable NHOP Trio Live"? Ulf Wakenius plays brilliantly on this release but his name is nowhere as familiar as that of Joe Pass. Does this make it "little known"? 



stuartk,  the NHOP you mentioned is definitely unknown to me.  Thank you for the heads up.  I will definitely check them out.  

@stuartk i mean just to the general public. I do this we all can discover more and respect the contributions