BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?

DUKE PEARSON THE RIGHT TOUCH 1969. I have it in my top 5 all time!



I bear no disrespect. I’ve been a Jazz fan for nearly 50 years; it’s a topic that interests me very much. I was simply attempting to garner a clearer impression of what you mean by "lesser known". 



@stuartk i definitely understand. No problem.  I just want to discover more.  What are your top 3 favorite albums. 

I do not listen to much jazz, but enjoy "Mose Allison - Alive" recorded in a beach community South of where I live.

Think is was done in the 80's, but it has a kind of Beatnik thing going on.



There are so many, but for Chet Baker fans, the double CD "Blue Room".  Recorded in Holland in 1979 but as far as I know, only just released in 2023.  Chet's playing is superb and the recordings are excellent.  IMHO one of his best.