BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?

DUKE PEARSON THE RIGHT TOUCH 1969. I have it in my top 5 all time!


I own 100 albums of Chet but not this one ... 😪😋😁😉😊😎

Thanks for the information ...


Chet Baker is a musical genius for sure at least for me ... Am i alone ?

I read this very exact description :

«Baker’s inimitable trumpet sound, blown as if he’s barely exhaling, the phrasing a mix of drowsy musing and impulsive flurries that hardly jolt his hypnotically flatlining dynamics.»


This album is really with his best .... Thanks ...

My two favorite jazz players are Bill Evans and Chet Baker , two brothers who play around and never too near and never too far from the melodic line ...Baker more minimalist and Evans more expansive ...They are unsurpassed and imitated by many ....



What are your top 3 favorite albums. 

Just now, these are the first three that spring to mind: 

Kenny Garrett: "Songbook"

Bill Evans: the Village Vanguard recordings with LaFaro and Motion

Chick Corea and Gary Burton: "Crystal Silence"

These are recordings that I return to over and over but I wouldn't categorize them as my top 3 favorite Jazz recordings. I couldn't possibly restrict my list of favorites to just three. 


@everyone I play the Duke Pearson Right Touch album at Audio shows and people lose their ones with how good it is.