Best live album you've ever heard?

This is certainly inspired by the album that is kickin' it very LOUD here. I have many many live albums by every one from A-Z, but NONE come close to this one except Johnny Winter And Live, or the Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East. The Stones' Get Your Ya Ya's Out has to be the best live rock'n'roll album ever. God bless Mick Taylor. I live in a concrete block house, and it is still shakin'. If any of you know of a better live recording than these, please fill me in. Thanks, Tom
The Who Live at Leeds is the ne ultra plus of "live" rock and roll recordings of all time. Great sounding recording that really captures the sound and fury of the greatest rock and roll band that ever assaulted an audience with killer decibels, "stick it to the man" attitude, and great chops on top of all that. Sure, I'm biased. I've been a fan since seeing them live at the Fillmore West in 1969. But you certainly won't go wrong adding this one to your collection if you love rock and roll.