Best live albums from 1970's college days

Okay..... for you all old farts like me who enjoyed college life in the mid 1970's ..... what are your five favorite multi-LP live album purchases from those good old days ? Mine, in no particular order are : CSNY "Four Way Street," Yes "Yessongs," Grateful Dead "Europe '72," Peter Frampton "Frampton Comes Alive," and the Allman Brothers Band "Live at Filmore East." How about it guys and gals ..... shake up your memories and make a list !
Jadem6,thought I was the only one that heard of Gypsy. Think
I still have the 8 track somewhere! They even have a website.
A few I didn't see listed yet:
-Zappa / Bongo Fury (Advance Romance and Muffin Man are musically brilliant brain eaters that never fail to amuse)
-Kraan / Live 74' (Criminally under appreciated jazzrock, really catchy riffs, and on this album Kraan were head and shoulders above most jam bands that came along later)
-Miles Davis / Agharta (Pretty much redefined what a live album could sound like, lots of clear, unhurried heavy twin guitar work w/ sharp crunchy organ accents. Much of the record sounds pretty relaxed, but its as electric and psychedelic as just about anything that came out in the 60's.
-Roxy Music / Viva (Manzanera, Wetton and Jobson really play great on this one. The studio versions of the songs may be real classics, but can seem a little stiff and safe when compared to these... In Every Dream Home A Heartache provides a good example.
-Gentle Giant / Playing The Foole (Maybe not the best fidelity in the world, but this band was tight, extremely imaginative and had chops to burn... again the live versions seem to breathe more than the studio releases.
-Rory Gallagher / Irish Tour 74' (Great blues expander and guitar wizard at his peak).
Miles of aisles - Joni Mitchell
Four way street - CSN & Y
It's too late to stop now - Van Morrison

All double albums.