Best Live Recording on LP

Someone started an interesting thread about generating a list of great live recordings on CD. However, that is the wrong type of media for my system. (My turntable sounds much better than my CD player).

Therefore, please suggest some really great live recordings on LP. (I listen to Rock mostly and some Jazz.)

Here are a couple of recordings (on LP) that did not appear on that list in the above mentioned thread, that I think have merit.

"Jazz at the Pawnshop" on the Propious (sic) label.

Louis Armstrong's "St. James Infirmary" on 12"/45rpm reissue on the Classic label (I think).

Neil Young's "Live Rust" on Japanese import.

Also, Guys (and Gals), here is a question for you: Is it worth paying the extra money for the 12"/45rpm version of Bill Evans "Waltz for Debbie"? Or does the 180g version sound nearly as good?
Hugh Masekela-Hope
Keith Jarrett-At The Bluenote
Remember Shakti-John Mclaughlin,Zakir Hussain,T.H. Vinayakram,H.Chaurasia.
Paul McCartney: Bootleg
Johnny Winter: Captured Live
Duke Ellington: Live In Paris
Miles Davis/ John Coltrane: In Stockholm
Chicago: Live in Japan
Art Blakey: Live at Kimball's
Ann Arbor Blues/Jazz Festival 1972 more
The new Neil Young Live at Massey Hall 1971 on LP is excellent. It is the best live version LP that I have heard. Highly recommend.
"best" is strange because sometimes yu don't that modern "hi fi" sound on the best music. I like

Charles mingus plays charles mingus on candid

art blakey live at birdland vol 1

donny hathaway live

live at leeds

eric dolphy live at the five spot

ornette live at town hall on esp

among others...