Best looking Amp/Preamp/Integrated?

Forget what the equipment sounds like - what is the best looking amp, preamp, or integrated piece of equipment?

One of my current favorites is the Opera-Consonance Forbidden City-Calaf Power amplifier
"I beg to differ"

Okay, beg away, but it's still just your opinion, of which you seem to feel quite passionate about defending. Just because you fancy his stuff, doesn't default "Electronluv" as the "no contest" winner. Pretty presumptuous, wouldn't you say?

Just like the other nominees, mine were merely submissions for what I feel have attractive aesthetics or features. Some pseudo-conventional, some not. Doesn't matter, it's not a debate.
Pop over to to see a list of the most beautiful and best aesthetic designs in amps, integrateds and speakers ... its a fun trip and no commercial promotion for any specific product.

Chris Moon