Best LP cleaner fluid for fingerprints

I have a VPI 16.5 and the VPI fluid that came with it. I also have some Super Record Wash. Neither of these seem to do well for fingerprint laden vinyl. Looking for recommendations of which type of cleaner to use with my VPI that will remove greasy fingerprints.

Thought I'd update this thread. I bought the Audio Intelligent three step system with the Archivist as the 2nd step. I also purchased three brushes and three vacuum nozzles for my VPI to keep from cross-contaminating.

So to experiment, I decided to go to work on the worst looking LP in my collection. A US Harvest pressing of Dark Side of the moon that looks like it's been abused to hell and back. Following AI's instructions to the letter, I can honestly say I'm impressed. The level of noise in the groove was reduced to an occasional click and pop (remembering this is a well played and abused 35yr old LP).

I thank everyone for suggestions and think I have found the solutions that works for me. Oh yeah, and it does a great job on fingerprints too.

Thanks for the update and letting us know your results.
I guess I will have to place an order and try it as well.
Audiofeil is correct in his declaration of IPA not being used as degreaser in industry. Much more popular are the chloorinated solvents, which I would not recommend for cleaning of vinyl, however. A very effective 'degreaser', however, is steam!

Bob P.
Samuellaudio: My best answer is conditional; should the CD be smeared with greasy fingerprints most likely , should the CD have non-organic smears most likely from breath vapors to very mild cleaners will do.

LPs are side walled deep gorged affairs that can trap all sorts of junk, CDs flat and shiney ,no gorges here only surface junk.

Personally, I steam clean LPs and rarely CDs ;I find steam superior to the exclusive use of chemicals & RCM's. I have the RCM's , cleaners and steamers so I use them all very sucessfully to cleanse my record/CD collections.

I am taking this thread to acknowledge experiments with patient pending active micros created specifically to devower organic materals on non-organic surfaces including vinyl. The initial results are mind-blowing in terms of surface cleansing.The listening experience is so different on LPs and marketly improved for CDs. As far as I can tell from years of experimentation , no cleaner on the world-wide market does a better job. The product continues in the experimental phase and is not yet available/ released to the public.