Hi... Looking forward to opinions from all  who enjoy vocals.

MY VOTE is for a man who was a pioneer: creative, articulate, with a suave and sophisticated exterior and a voice unheard again to this day; he died far too young - NAT KING COLE
I like male vocalists that can really express the emotion.They are usually not technically great but they touch your soul.Robert Plant,Joe Cocker,John Hammond.....
Back in the mid 90's at a press conference, Pavarotti was asked who he thought was the world's greatest singer, his answer.." Frank Sinatra", and for good reason. Sinatras' mono Capital recording's from the 1940's is when his voice had the greatest quality in terms of range, vibrato and length of breathe. But tragedy struck in 1950 when he tore his vocal cords causing severe hemorrhaging and could not sing for several months, and his voice was never the same. If your one of the lucky ones that has some of his Christmas albums from the 40's, they are truly golden treasures.