Best Match for Sansui TU-999: Asthetics & Sound ?


Expecting delivery of a Sansui TU-999 in minty shape this week. What are the best (Sansui & other) amplifier matches for it asthetically and sonically, after the Sansui AU-999? I will use a Cal Audio CL-10 and either little Jamo e700s or Rega R7 towers...(both are 6 ohms). Any wiring concerns with this line up?


Thanks for asking. The matched pair AU-999 from dude in Chicago burbs and the TU-999 from Vlad (member here) sound and look great together. Thanks for Vlad for the super packing job. Dude from Chicago (Craigslist Naperville) has a basement full of Sansui 9090's (8 in all) for sale...quite an accomplished amateur tech he is! Self taught but employed in a similar field...
I personally do not know Vlad, but if you use the member directory search feature on the "My Page" link you can contact him.