Best Media Player for EAC and/or dBpoweramp?

Which media player has the best synergy with EAC and dBpoweramp?

Or is it mainly about personal preference?

Don't waste your money on new optical drive unless EAC can't get a good rip. And if it can't it's probably due to a disc that is in bad shape. Cheap/generic CD/DVD transports today work just fine with standalone rippers.

That was exactly my thinking re. the optical drive. If I am getting perfect copies, as checked by Accurate Rip, then will a different drive make a difference?

I have not tested older, and possibly damaged cds, but the copies of new cds have been perfect on my stock oem drives.

I did see that dBPoweramp recommended Teac based on some comparative work between different drives, but I believe the cds used were defective cds.

Thanks for everyone's feedback.
dB recommends TEAC because most, if not all, Teac drive use C2 pointers for error correction. FWIW