Best Metal Vinyl Album

When we think of audiophiles, we do not think of metal. On the other hand, with the resurgance of vinyl, metal seems to be a hot seller. So, give me your top 3 metal vinyl lp. When in doubt what is metal, ask Eddie Trunk.
Content quality or sound quality?
Content for me would be
Black Sabath debute
Metallica Kill em All
I have a hard time narrowing a final pick.

Audio quality isnt really an issue, crap production can still make my feet tap just as Patricia Barber can put me in coma.
If we're talking about content quality then here's my top 3:

Slayer-Reign in blood
Metallica-Ride the lightning
Good question:

Sound qaulity would be:
Black Sabath- debut at 180g
Mastodon -Hunter 45rpm
Deftones-White Pony

Content quality would be:
Testament-Dark Roots
Metallica-Ride the Lightning
Slayer-Reign of Blood

Just received the 180g Ozzy-blizzard and Diary. Wow, sound qaulity is great. Great to see a few more Metal Heads on here.