Best minimonitors in range of 1k -used?

Looking for overall best sounding monitors in range around $1000. New or used including DIY's. Own solid state amp 33Wpc, medium size room...!
I bought a pair of Linn Tukans with the Linn Classik I put in my office, mostly because of considerations of synergy. Frankly, I was blown away by how wonderful these sounded (in my office, driven by the Classik at least): very musical, SUPERB imaging, surprising bass (they're rear ported). They are so conventional/unassuming in their appearance that one would not expect much just to look at them, but what a surprise! I would audition a pair at your local Linn dealer. They can be had used, but they don't pop up very often.
I would check the Totem speakers. They are really fine sounding speakers, especially with small solid state amps. They are serious speakers and look good too. They are also available used, i.e. check out Audiogon.
Alon Petites sound great. I've seen them used for $650, stands and custom wire included.
You really need to take a look at the Tyler Acoustics Mini Monitor. They only list for $1500 new, with all Scan Speak drivers... and you can get a matching bass module with a side firing 8" Scan Speak driver to boot! I may be able to dig up a demo pair somewhere for several hundred off list. (still with a five year warranty). And *no* it's not something that I have to sell you from here, but I do know the owner. Also there is a review soon to come out on that I'm told will be GREAT. I can e-mail you some photos if you like, and also check with the factory.
,,,thanks, i would appreciate the photo, and thanks for the advice's from all of you..