Best monitor under 5k?

I am looking for some opinions on what monitor speakers under $5000 give the most bang for the buck. I may have to move into a smaller apartment and am looking for something that would work in a smaller environment.
Harmonic Precision Caravelle is a (Must) listen to monitors,before you spend your money
Acapella Fidelio ($5k+) - a little over your budget but they are the best monitors i have ever heard in terms of speed, clarity, and realism when paired with Einstein gear.

Harbeth Super HL5 ($3k+) - easy to listen to, sucks you in, very good value


I believe it's hard to go wrong with the PSB Stratus Mini. They have an 86 db impedence and are a 4 ohm load and thus require a powerful amp, but are neutral to somewhat warm, sound good at low volume, and have more clean bass than a stand mounted speaker has a right to. And they are much less than 5k.
When we moved into a smaller condo I traded my large floorstanding Alon's for a pair pof JMlabs Micro-Utopias and couldn't be happier. The gains in transparency and resolution were addicting and the inroom bass and dynamics were more than sufficient. Also they're easy to drive, I've used SET amps though I'm now using a fabulous pushpull EL34 amp from Deja Vu Audio that puts out I'm guessing about 20 watts. Happy listening!