Best monitor under 5k?

I am looking for some opinions on what monitor speakers under $5000 give the most bang for the buck. I may have to move into a smaller apartment and am looking for something that would work in a smaller environment.
Given the type of music you listen too, I'd highly reccomend you take a listen to the Harbeth Super 5s and GMA Callistos. I've also been in the market for a pair of monitors for $4k tops and so far these two have outshined many others on female voices. I listen to a lot of Shirley Horn, Etta James, Dianne Schur, Norah Jones, etc.
my favorite is the chariot academy one. currently, i am looking for a pair myself.
two short list items, A) the Sonus Faber "Guarneri's", and B) the S.A.P. "Trios" both are very good. The Trios tend to have a prominent upper midrange that gives the presentation of a lot of life and immediacy (good for jazz and vocalists, less good for large-scale orchestral music that needs a little more weight). It is one of the most neutral sounding speaker I've owned, with that sense of life, and the sense that a vocalist is standing right in front of you can be quite addictive! So much so, that you can actually tell what brand of perfume Norah jones is wearing... The Guarneri's are every bit as good, and can handle the more complex large-scale stuff. They both do the vanishing act, are easy too place, and are easy to drive 88, and 95 db's respectively.
I kept the "Trios" and see no reason to change.
good luck
Intuitive Design Summits, including the Path Stand System, come in right at your price point. I've reviewed them in detail on Audiogon. If possible I'd at least give these a listen.
The Harbeth Super HL 5 (list $4195) and Compact 7 ($2895) are great values, and make almost everything sound good. IMO better sounding than other similar "BBC" type speakers.

Discalimer: I sell these (have Compact 7 demos on sale). Contact me directly for more info.